Shh! The Whale is Smiling by Josephine Nobisso

Summary: From C. Penn "WordWeaving" (Greenville, SC) - Author Josephine Nobisso and illustrator Maureen Hyde bring enchantment to the play of shadows and wind deep in the night in SHH! THE WHALE IS SMILING. As a fierce wind blows outside their home, a sister comforts her brother turning fear of the cold dark into a warm, safe place of imagination. Flying in their bed to the sea, they join a whale swimming among bubbles in a world of their marvelous creation.

The fear of the dark, wind and storms is gently confronted in this imaginative story for children. The dark becomes deep water, movement the swimming of a whale, and wind a part of the mystery of the sea, thereby replacing the fearful with the imaginative. A delightful tale, with fabulously realized illustrations, SHH! THE WHALE IS SMILING comes very highly recommended.
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