The Hidden Alphabet by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Summary: PreSchool-Grade 2-From the black book jacket with cutout openings for each letter of the title to the vibrant, painterly strokes of yellow on the endpapers, Hidden Alphabet is a visual delight. A black mat frames an object on each page. When it is lifted, each of these objects becomes a significant part of the letter's negative space (e.g., two balloons form circles to make the openings in the letter "B"). This clever trick of changing viewers' perspective from foreground to background will keep readers turning the pages to see the other optical illusions this pictorial byplay produces. Because of the way they are formed, the letters are not always completely conventional in shape. This may challenge very young children to identify them, but readers of any age will enjoy seeing a mouse turn into an "M" made of cheese with a few tiny chunks nibbled out of it. Seeger's interesting word choices-arrowhead, inkblot, olive, partridge, quotation mark, yolk-and her sophisticated paintings make this a fascinating artistic experience as well as a learning opportunity.Laurie Edwards, West Shore School District, Camp Hill, PA Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.
Notable Information: I suggest using this book with children that are already accustomed to their letters. This book provides a unique twist on captivating the letters artistically, as well as pairing them with words not normally paired to represent the sound of the letters. This book won the award of the Ala Notable Children's Books for Younger Readers.

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