The Graphic Alphabet by David Pelletier

Summary: Most alphabet books for pre-readers and early readers set out to make the somewhat abstract idea of letters as clear and as clearly linked to words as possible. In The Graphic Alphabet, graphic designer David Pelletier has created an alphabet book that aims to explore letters for their beauty and complexity as design elements as well as help teach kids how to read. His "A," for example, stands for "avalanche," and with its normally pointed top tumbling down the right diagonal, the letter doesn't just stand for the avalanche, it becomes the word. Pelletier is equally ingenious throughout. And while this might not be the best book to make the concept of letters concrete for youngsters, it will certainly help instill in them a sense of wonder about letters and words.
Notable Information: This book is a tad too sophisticated for younger students just learning their abc's. The author, a graphic designer created this alphabet book in 1996 that"had to retain the natural shape of the letter as well as represent the meaning of the word", by using good design. Thus, this is an excellent text for older students interested in art or graphic design. This book won the Caldecott award for illustrations and art.

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