Runaway Girl: The Artist Louise Bourgeois by Jan Greensberg

Summary: Gr. 7 and Up As in Frank O. Gehry, Outside In (2000), the authors once again make challenging art accessible and exciting to teen readers. This time they focus on Louise Bourgeois, one of the best-known living sculptors, whose work deals with primal themes of jealousy, betrayal, and shifting sexual identities, which, according to Bourgeois are inspired by her painful childhood and her adulterous father. In clear, elegant prose, bolstered with numerous quotes from the artist, the authors seamlessly juxtapose stories of Bourgeois' life with relevant artworks, which are often explained in the artist's own words. Beautifully reproduced photographs, printed on well-designed pages, offer an excellent mix of the artist's personal life and her art, though the authors remind readers that "we don't have to know her story to have our own strong reaction," to her work. By showing the relationship among shapes, colors, materials, and emotions, the authors invite readers to approach even the most bewildering art with confidence and think about it in their own words. The book concludes with a glossary, a bibliography, and notes. Gillian Engberg
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Classroom Implications: Another book by Greensberg to spruce up middle school biography collection. Text interweaves some personal struggles students can relate to and the art she manifested as in artist. This text does an excellent job connecting the personal life with what she produces in her professional world.


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